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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Give me a magic wand, a life divine! It is for eternity that I pine!"

"I painted warm sunshine that matures the grapes, I painted the blue skies that put me in travel of spaces infinite, I painted the rainbows that dazzle the soul in joys, I painted the cuckoo that sings in the spring of love, I painted the laughter of children that stamps the life with innocence, I painted the vales where eternal day light resides, I painted the night which exotic mysteries in its heart hides, I painted the moon that in love grows and in separation subsides, I painted the winds that bring the sandal of eternity, I painted the speck of dust that carries the infinite, I painted the flowers that for fragrance of beauty strive. I painted love, I painted life and I painted eternity that beyond time arrives.
I painted the rough harsh craters of human misery for in them will bloom the little flowers of love that still is alive in sleepy corners of our soul. I painted the pain for out of it will grow new songs. I painted the waste land for new citadels will be founded on it. I painted greed, for the liberal bounty of God will grow in us like the munificence of warm rays of morning sun. I painted the tears for we will realise the value of these sparkling diamonds, to light our souls."

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