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Friday, February 18, 2011

Mona Lisa does not smile anymore

African Mona Lisa oil on canvas viktor vijay (1997)

Mona Lisa does not smile anymore

Excerpts from the book by Viktor Vijay Kumar

“If I had to choose between an erudite Aristotle and an unknown ‘soulless’ black slave I would choose the latter. The ascendancy of the West was on a heap of bodies of slaves and trampled humanity through colonization.”

“Slavery, Colonization, European Imperialism, corruption of Church, was the hall mark of Renaissance. Intolerance was another feature of so-called-Renaissance. Jew and Muslim communities were expelled from Spain by Ferdinand and Isabella—the Spanish royal ruler couple. European occupation of Americas and rationalisation of over-lording of other cultures and communities was regarded as the right of ‘Christians’ over ‘non-believers’. They regarded themselves as the superior masters over the destiny of other communities. Christian Church played a predominant Euro-centric role in the creation of tools of Colonialism.”

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  1. The Arab Ismalist Empire did more to permanently damage South east Asia . Read V. S. Naipaul..
    Every culture be it west or east has had a hand in wars and folly.
    Ghengis Khan etc.
    The west unlike all other cultures has also brought technology to a world and has dramatically revolutionised agriculture which sustains many.